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  • Wireless security cameras for business for the residence OR company in Locust Grove, GA.

    With as fast-moving as everything is today, you probably haven’t stopped to
    think—when did we start seeing wireless security cameras? What’s their origin? When
    did they become cheap enough that they were sold in mass?
    For most homeowners, even a decade ago they thought that security camera systems
    were too pricey to employ in private homes. And, even where cameras were possible,
    a 24/7 monitoring contract was what really did budgets in.
    Despite this common perspective, into the 2000s, families began to introduce wireless
    cameras into their homes in one very specific context: as baby monitors. Wireless
    cameras became popular as they started to replace the walkie-talkie style monitors that
    had been introduced more than two decades before.
    When did the change happen for bigger wireless camera systems in the home?
    Analog wireless cameras were the first on the scene, but in most contemporary
    context, wireless refers to IP wireless, or digital, security camera systems. The latter
    was introduced in 1996, but was originally markedly expensive and seen almost
    exclusively in commercial establishments.
    After the turn of 2005, and even throughout the recession, wireless cameras saw the
    boon of more and more homeowners opting in. Particularly in communities like Locust
    Grove, GA area, with proximity to Atlanta and the rising crime rate, these systems have
    seen high demand.
    Security cameras for business, for the residence or company in Locust Grove, GA
    leave property owners with more options today than even we could have even
    imagined 10 years ago.
    What are the biggest perks of wireless digital security cameras?
    Not only are wireless cameras easier to install than wired cameras, but the systems are
    more flexible when it comes to adding more cameras on or changing locations. This is
    especially useful for businesses, who have to plan a more reactionary security model
    based on what weaknesses are identified over time.
    Even today, wireless cameras tend to be more expensive than wired cameras.
    HOWEVER, just as with all security equipment, prices continue coming quickly down
    as the market grows. People and business alike are responding to the continued rise in
    global crime rates, and the engineering, manufacturing and availability of these security
    systems are being streamlined to give the market more options than ever.
    Of course, a security system gives you nothing if not peace of mind. Remember that
    organizations like the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) and the Physical
    Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA) have established standards to keep bad
    competition out. These groups, formed by conglomerates of the biggest and most
    trusted manufacturers, don’t want faulty systems under-bidding the standard of quality
    that they’ve come to be known for.
    Wireless security cameras in homes

    While wireless camera systems have special appeal to business owners for the
    systems’ flexibility, more than 85% of homeowners with security cameras installed say
    that the wireless systems are worth the extra cost because there aren’t any chords (or
    corresponding holes) to mess with interior décor.
    Whatever your need, whatever your priority, call us today to learn more about wireless
    security cameras!