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  • The best business security monitoring in McDonough, GA.

    If you’re looking for the best security monitoring, we’ll tell you where to start. To get organized, you have to look at TWO high-level pieces of your security monitoring puzzle:


    1. The hardware (models, design, features and installation)
    2. And the monitoring service


    The best security systems


    A good security system has to be the right system for YOU. There are so many features, models, upgrades and technologies available today that you have to start by identifying what YOU and your business need. Only then can you start looking at options with one, consistent system of comparison.


    Your initial, high-level considerations might include:


    • Start by asking yourself, will there be a need in the future to build more cameras into your security system? This will narrow your choices down, with IP cameras being designed to work off of whatever number of cameras you might need. Analog cameras don’t have that same capacity, though they are the cheaper option.


    • Are there automatic alerts you need to emergency responders? Do you need your security monitoring to also be able to handle conditions monitoring? Is your business one that can benefit from indoor monitoring as well as external burglar security (for example, in a retail environment)? These features will inform the overall capacity you need out of your security hardware.


    Bigger than brand


    You’re going to have a lot of options in brand and model of security hardware, because it’s EXACTLY that competition in the marketplace that’s driven prices down in the last 20 years. Thanks to advances in security monitoring tech, these systems are more affordable than ever. So…with this market saturation, how do you choose the best brand? Even if we were to recommend one brand to you today, new competition will be better next year.


    The good news is that one factor trumps the rest: INSTALLATION makes a bigger difference in 80% of security monitoring systems than the make, model or brand of the equipment. It even makes a bigger difference than the features and technology included. Consultation, which is equally important, comes before security monitoring equipment installation. Ultimately, tech has to be set up right, and in the right parts of your business with the desired security in mind.


    Here’s the dirty truth: most errors in security equipment installation are things you don’t see, because it’s the ABSENCE of cameras or good shots and angles that that leave you at risk. Out of sight, out of mind, the holes in your security monitoring need to be identified before your business is left at risk.


    The best business security monitoring


    In Mc Donough, GA, Advanced Security and Fire works with COPS security monitoring to get you the 24/7 monitoring you need with the benefits of local installation, maintenance and expertise that are essential in the highest-functioning security monitoring systems.


    The best security monitoring takes into account the hardware—including selecting the right options and installing the system right—and also the monitoring service that ultimately is the watchdog keeping you and your business safe.