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  • The best business alarm monitoring in Stockbridge, GA.

    When it comes to security, there’s no reason to settle for “adequate.” You want to feel safer, and take advantage of the competitive and robust systems available today.

    There are two things to remember about the best business alarm monitoring in general, and especially if you’re looking for the best business alarm monitoring in Stockbridge, GA.

    First, the particulars of the system
    Second, the quality of the monitoring service

    A good alarm monitoring service provides 24/7 monitoring at a reasonable price, with automated alerts sent to emergency responders. Today’s systems typically allow you to package burglary alarms, conditions monitoring, and even fire and flood alarms in one.

    The best alarm monitoring is where a local provider comes into play. Find the professional you trust, who’s located nearby so that the company representative can come directly to your property. You want to work with the same organization who will ultimately provide the installation and maintenance of hardware, and the monitoring itself.

    What factors into installation?

    Installation will depend largely on the hardware you choose. Or, if you have existing systems, installation will depend on what compatible systems you can choose to build off of existing alarm wiring. Questions to ask your local provider include:

    What alarms can be wired together to the same system?
    What alarms or security do you have in place that can be added to?
    What types of alarms can your business benefit from?
    What combination of CCTV cameras and sensory alarms fit your need?

    When it comes to scoping out the monitoring service for whatever hardware systems you install, let’s be frank: monitoring is only good enough if it’s 24/7, and with automations to alert the necessary authorities when something comes up. This is why Advanced Security and Fire partners with COPS, an alarm monitoring organization that’s been making a difference all over the country since the 1970s.

    Good alarm monitoring also means local business expertise. Stockbridge is a community we’re proud of, and it’s our goal at Advanced Security and Fire to raise the bar of commercial security standards in the area.

    We’re crazy about this community because it’s OUR community. Fundamentally, it’s our goal to provide the best business alarm monitoring for companies in the area that want to make a difference in their employees’ safety and their businesses’ integrity. Our company is locally grown, with local advocacy to speak to the quality of service we’ve provided for over a decade.

    Advanced Security and Fire, Inc. is a locally owned and operated, with years of experience in Stockbridge. We’ve provided security consultation, equipment maintenance and installation, and alarm monitoring to countless companies who have reaped the benefit of greater peace of mind thanks to our outstanding customer service. And, at ASAF, we’ll take the greatest pride in providing this same sense of security to more local Stockbridge busineses.