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  • Surveillance systems for business for your residence OR business in McDonough, GA.

    What makes for the best security systems for business? For your residence or business in McDonough, GA, surveillance is not just security. Surveillance is that 24/7 eye on your property, whether for break-ins, conditions monitoring, retail environments or even worker accountability and efficiency reporting.

    “Security” and “surveillance” are usually used interchangeably, but surveillance today by default comes with the year-round monitoring that’s given McDonough proprietors greater peace of mind than ever.

    Our goal is to make you feel safer—even if rates of theft and break-in seem insurmountable, you deserve the resources and peace of mind that you and the authorities have the tools necessary to stop risk before there’s even a problem.

    Surveillance as a deterrent

    Even installing surveillance systems is a deterrent for theft and break-in. While many companies prioritize discrete installation, there’s something to be said about visible camera systems keeping a watchful eye that give intruders greater pause.

    With the boom in security production and development in the last 15 years, no perpetrator can rest assured that camera systems are only “security” systems, picking up footage to review at a later date. The new standard is that of surveillance, where even stepping foot on your property can trigger alarms and send emergency responders to your business or residence automatically.

    In 2015, more than twice as many burglaries occurred during the day than at night. So, arming surveillance and security systems at night has worked, but you need to think about the integrity of your home or business security at all hours.

    If you’re thinking about arming your property with the security you deserve, think about all areas inside and out, including:

    Parking lots or driveways
    Internal monitoring for children
    Retail environments and shoplifting
    Internal theft
    Virtual property
    Areas of construction
    External buildings (garages, storage, etc.)


    Installation is a big deal. You need the cameras, housing and mounts, and if you’re doing wired (analog) cameras, then you need the professional who’s equipped to install these as practically as possible.

    The biggest angle to installing surveillance systems is knowing where to install individual units. Talk to a professional about zoom and pan capabilities, too, to ensure that you’re covered.

    How do you pick the system?

    It’s not just the cost of equipment, and not even the cost of monitoring—you’ll want to pick your surveillance system based on the total cost of ownership. This includes maintenance as well as installation, not to mention the quality of service you receive from consultation onward.

    Going local

    The best news about talking to a local, McDonough, GA provider is that the same neighbor who consults you is who later installs the equipment, teaches you how to use it, does maintenance and updates, and makes replacements when necessary. This is the kind of service you deserve. With the local attention to detail and to the betterment of this community, call us at Advanced Security and Fire today!