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  • Surveillance cameras for business for the residence OR company in Locust Grove, GA.

    Surveillance and security cameras—which are related, but technically a little different—are a new norm for property owners. Fortunately, this has less to do with crime rates, and more to do with the fact that downward pressure has been on this corner of the tech market for decades.

    When it comes down to it, most proprietors use the terms interchangeably, so we’ll save the tech-talk for another article. Our #1 goal is for you to feel safer, whether at home or at work, and for you to know that you have protections in place to sound the alarm and to follow-up with law enforcement in the case of an incident.

    And the benefits of surveillance systems don’t stop there. Study after study in the field have shown that even having a surveillance system in place deters theft from even happening.

    Today’s reality

    Surveillance camera systems aren’t just for big businesses now, thanks to that downward pressure on prices in the market. This is why we’ve compiled an article about surveillance cameras for business, for the residence or company in Locust Grove, GA.

    In 2015, more than twice as many burglaries occurred during the day than at night. This means that arming your security systems at night has worked, but the integrity of your business or the safety of loved ones at home requires more robust systems that protect you 24/7.

    For homes or businesses, think about spaces like:

    Driveways or parking lots
    Internal monitoring (in retail environments, for homes with kids, etc.)
    Virtual property (where you keep your devices)
    You can even work with neighbors to see who already has systems in place on shared property


    When it comes to security systems, installation is a big deal. You need the cameras, housing and mounts, and the expertise to advise you on placement. And, if you do opt for an analog system that requires wiring, whether a business or homeowner, you’ll want the least disruptive installation possible to be left without excess holes or clutter in your walls.

    Working with a local provider is best in all cases, because you’ll have an expert in your system and your property located conveniently in town whenever something comes up.

    What are hybrid surveillance camera systems?

    Be sure to ask your provider about hybrid systems if you haven’t selected your hardware yet. A hybrid camera system is one that utilizes both analog (wired) and IP (wireless) cameras, where the two talk to the same control panel, and thus coexist. This is especially handy for the proprietor who has existing systems in place, where you don’t want to be restricted to the system type you have in place if you want to continue using that hardware and build off the same system.

    With local knowledge and expert attention to detail, you can design the smartest system that leaves you safer day and night. Call Advanced Security and Fire today to learn more about our surveillance camera consultation and installation, and the 24/7 monitoring that comes with it!