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    Advanced Security and Fire: Your Safety Solutions in Stockbridge, GA

    Advanced Security and Fire proudly serves the Stockbridge, GA, area, providing top-tier safety and security solutions tailored to our community’s needs. Our expertise spans fire alarms, security automation, camera surveillance, and access control systems, ensuring that both homes and businesses in Stockbridge are well-protected and secure.

    Fire Alarms & Detection Systems

    In Stockbridge, where families and businesses thrive, ensuring the safety of properties against the risk of fire is a top priority. Our comprehensive fire alarms and detection systems are equipped to alert you at the first sign of danger, which is crucial in areas such as the bustling Eagle’s Landing and the serene neighborhoods of Windsong Plantation. With advancements such as smoke detectors, heat sensors, and integrated fire response solutions, residents can feel secure knowing they are prepared for emergencies, adhering to Georgia’s fire safety regulations.

    Security Alarms and Automation

    Stockbridge, while known for its friendly community and scenic parks, like Memorial Park, also faces the challenges of suburban crime rates. To address this, our security alarms and automation services offer sophisticated systems that are easy to manage and provide robust protection. Particularly in family-focused areas like Monarch Village, our technology allows residents to monitor their homes remotely, ensuring peace of mind through automated locks, motion detectors, and real-time alerts directly to their mobile devices.

    Camera Systems

    Implementing camera systems in Stockbridge is an effective strategy to deter criminal activities and provide evidence if crimes do occur. Our high-definition cameras are ideal for overseeing both commercial areas such as North Park and quieter residential areas like Belmont Farms. With options for both visible and discreet camera setups, businesses and homeowners can tailor their surveillance to meet specific security needs, enhancing safety throughout the community.

    Access Control

    For businesses in Stockbridge, especially those in high-traffic areas like the Stockbridge Village Shopping Center, access control systems are essential for safeguarding assets and personnel. Our systems can be customized to control entry to buildings and restricted areas, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access sensitive locations. This is particularly important for offices, warehouses, and retail spaces, providing an added layer of security that helps prevent unauthorized access and potential theft.


    What types of fire detection technology are available for Stockbridge homes?

    • We provide a variety of fire detection solutions including ionization and photoelectric smoke detectors, thermal detectors, and comprehensive fire alarm systems tailored to your home’s layout and needs.

    Can I integrate my security system with smart home devices?

    • Yes, our security systems can be seamlessly integrated with most smart home devices, allowing you to control and monitor your system through a single interface.

    What are the benefits of installing surveillance cameras at my property?

    • Surveillance cameras act as a significant deterrent to criminal activity, provide continuous monitoring of your property, and can assist law enforcement with visual evidence in the event of a crime.

    How customizable are access control systems for businesses in Stockbridge?

    • Our access control systems are highly customizable, and designed to fit the specific security requirements of your business, whether you need to secure a single building or a complex with multiple access points.

    Are your security solutions suitable for both residential and commercial properties?

    • We offer specialized security solutions that cater to the safety needs of both residential homes and commercial establishments, ensuring optimal protection tailored to each environment.


    List of Neighborhoods in Stockbridge, GA with Their Zip Codes:

    • Eagle’s Landing (30281)
    • Windsong Plantation (30281)
    • Monarch Village (30281)
    • Belmont Farms (30281)
    • Crown Chase: 30281
    • Hambrick Creek: 30281
    • Flippen: 30281
    • Bellah Landing: 30281
    • McCullough Rd / Pates Lake: 30281
    • Country Roads / Clarkdell Acres: 30281
    • Eagle Ridge / Avian Forest: 30281
    • Northbridge Crossing / Glynn Addy: 30281
    • Brentwood Park / Spivey Glen: 30281
    • Bridgewood: 30281

    Nearby Cities:

    Crime & Fire Statistics

     Overall Crime Rate: Approximately 28.30 crimes per 1,000 residents, which is higher than the national average​

    1. Violent Crime Rate: About 6.469 violent crimes per 1,000 residents. 
    2. Property Crime Rate: Around 17.01 property crimes per 1,000 residents. This includes burglary, theft, and vehicle theft, with a likelihood of becoming a victim at 1 in 54 residents​ 
    3. Crime Hotspots: The crime map of Stockbridge shows that the safest areas tend to be in the northeast, while central neighborhoods have higher crime rates​ 
    4. Safety Perceptions: Northeast Stockbridge is generally considered safer, especially for violent crimes, whereas the central and western parts are seen as more prone to higher crime rates​


    • 2016:
      • Property Crime: 9452.1 per 100k people
    • 2017:
      • Property Crime: 9675.7 per 100k people
    • 2018:
      • Property Crime: 9958.1 per 100k people
    • 2019:
      • Property Crime: 9062.3 per 100k people
    • 2022:
      • Property Crime: 2091 per 100k people

     City-Data.com Crime Index for Stockbridge, GA over the last five years is as follows:

    • 2018: 222.7
    • 2019: 175.0
    • 2020: 223.8
    • 2021: 240.3
    • 2022: 218.3


    The City-Data.com Crime Index for Stockbridge, GA, shows fluctuating trends over the past five years. In 2018, the index was relatively high at 222.7 but saw a decrease in 2019 to 175.0. However, the index rose again in the following years, peaking at 240.3 in 2021 before slightly decreasing to 218.3 in 2022. These figures suggest a general increase in crime rates in Stockbridge after a brief dip in 2019.


    Fire Rates in Stockbridge, GA (2013-2022)


    Stockbridge experienced variable fire rates, with changes in the number of fires, deaths, injuries, and financial losses over the past decade.

    Fire Incidents

    • Number of Fires: Annual fires ranged from 1,100 to 1,400, with an upward trend noted by the end of the period.
    • Residential Building Fires: Showed fluctuations from 340 to 370 annually.

    Fatalities and Injuries

    • Fire-related Deaths: The number of annual deaths from fires varied from 28 to 35, with an upward trend observed in later years.
    • Fire Injuries: Ranged from 115 to 125 annually, with a trend towards reduction over the decade.
    • Residential Building Deaths and Injuries: Deaths in residential fires varied from 21 to 27, and injuries from 100 to 120 annually.

    Dollar Loss

    • Total Dollar Loss: The economic impact of fires ranged from $12 billion to $17 billion, showing a considerable increase adjusted for inflation over the decade.
    • Residential Building Fire Dollar Loss: Fluctuated between $7.5 billion to $8.8 billion.