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  • Security systems for your home OR business in McDonough, GA.

    We’ve talked about the difference between “monitored” and “unmonitored” security
    systems, and about the difference between IP (wireless) and analog (wired) cameras.
    But, what are the biggest considerations we hear our local clients ask about when they
    come looking at security systems for your home OR business in McDonough, GA?
    Yes. There will be some considerations that are unique to your home, or unique to your
    business. We’ve broken down some of the major things to think about when looking for
    the right system to fit in either space.
     Systems marketed for homes are usually easier to install.
    Be careful to learn why a system is installed more easily, because it might tell
    you something about the system that you need to know. For example, wireless
    systems are much easier to install. But, is that really the system that makes
    sense for you?
     Residential systems more commonly feature the “self-determining action
    In self-determining systems, you receive a pop-up notification on your phone
    instead of a call when an alarm goes off. This is much more convenient for most
    property owners, particularly with Murphy’s Law and calls coming in at the very
    worst time. But with self-action push notifications, you can just press “false
    alarm,” or quickly choose to send the authorities in the case of an actual
     Systems marketed for businesses tend to be pricier.
    The good news is, this doesn’t have to be a sign that someone’s taking
    advantage, knowing that businesses are accustomed to paying more for things.
    The higher prices are usually because of bundled features. You’re actually
    getting a more robust system, with extra perks like auxiliary cameras or
    sensors, CCTV system compatibility, and more durable back-up batteries for a
    cheaper price than the features would be sold for individually.
     You’ll usually see longer warranties, too.
    Because these systems tend to be more elaborate, the manufacturers have a
    greater investment in keeping the reputation of their products’ quality. Longer
    warranties help keep these systems in excellent working order.
    A final word
    Whatever your need, even if you’re an especially small business, or work out of your
    home, or have a special need like if you provide daycare out of your home, there will be
    a system perfectly designed for you.

    Don’t let the branding fool you, because if the system is right but says “corporate”
    security, this tech sector has become so competitive that even the business prices can
    be within a homeowner’s budget. Or, if your needs are pretty static, finding that more
    modest system for your business that’s supposedly “for homeowners” doesn’t mean
    that system’s wrong for you, either.
    Reap the benefits of how competitive this space is today, and call us to learn more
    tricks to find the best security system for your home or business!