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  • Security cameras for the house OR company in Locust Grove, GA.

    How do you find the right security cameras for your property? And, if you were lucky
    enough to find the perfect system for your home, how do you know if the same system
    will work for your business? Or vice versa?
    Advanced Security and Fire celebrates more than a decade of answering questions
    just like these, specifically as they relate to the Locust Grove area and the concerns
    home and business-owners have in the area right now.
    Despite the different security needs at your home or business, today touts a security
    hardware market where just about anything is possible. What we mean is, you can find
    an affordable system with features that were things of science fiction 20 years ago.
    So, how are options best broken down?
    If you’re still in your preliminary search, don’t worry yet about the individual features of
    each system (how long a life the back-up battery has, how many megapixels each
    camera has, etc.)—start with the number-one question that will make all the difference
    in installation:
    Is the camera system wireless or wired?
    Security cameras for the house or company in Locust Grove, GA are easiest to
    understand when broken down into these two categories. Wireless cameras are also
    referred to as IP cameras, because they operate over a shared IP address (on your
    wireless network). Wired cameras, technically referred to as analog, are the more
    traditional model, and are still as popular today as ever because of their many
    The most obvious difference between wireless versus wired cameras tends to come
    out in favor of the wireless models: installation. Because wireless security cameras
    don’t require holes drilled for the chords, they’re significantly easier to install. This
    faster (and cheaper) installation helps offset the other more notable difference: wireless
    cameras are usually more expensive.
    Advantages to each
    Of course, there are advantages to each, which is how they’re both still available and
    competitive on the market. Some of the major advantages to the still-not- out-of- style
    wired camera security systems are:
     No interference from nearby devices
     Transmission tends to be much more stable
     Analog systems are great for multiple zones of protection
    Analog cameras are more common in business places, but that doesn’t mean that
    they’re always the best suited system for the space. Most of the time, these systems
    have been in place for years, because businesses were before homeowners in
    adopting and installing security cameras.
    There are many advantages to wireless systems, too:

     Easier installation
     Greater portability (you can switch up your vantage points and system blueprint
    as needed)
     Greater flexibility with the number of cameras on the network
    So, how do I decide?
    In order to decide what system is right for you, answer this question and give us a call
    to find out what it tells us about the best system for you:
    What is your #1 priority during this process of installing security cameras at your
    home or business?
    1. System dependability
    2. System flexibility
    3. Ease and speed of installation
    4. Another specific need
    Call us to see what the best option is for you!