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  • Premier business security monitoring in Locust Grove, GA.

    Advanced Security and Fire is your option for premier business security monitoring in Locust Grove, GA. With experience in Locust Grove, McDonough and surrounding Georgia areas, the service we provide is to the standard that only a local expert can meet.

    We’re proud members of this community, and have every vested interest in our shared safety. We know Locust Grove, and all of the architectural, commercial and politically-relevant factors that come into play with a comprehensive security plan for your local business sites. We handle consultation, installation, and maintenance in-house, and have bolstered an enormous local expertise thanks to our long-standing, close relationships with our clients in the area.


    Security requires more than technology; it requires the expert consultation and application of new technologies to the ends of your specific security needs. Premier business security monitoring in Locust Grove, GA takes into account intrusion alarms, fire and distress alarms, internal and outdoor monitoring, as well as installation and maintenance of all systems. ASAF provides:


    • Fire Alarm installation, service, and monitoring
    • Burglar Alarm installation, service, and monitoring
    • CCTV Camera System installation and service
    • Access Control System installation and service


    We take pride in our customer service, and in the quality of delivery on every stage of your security planning, installation and operation. Unlike national security monitoring companies, from consultation to installation, testing and maintenance, ASAF provides every service ourselves. We don’t sub-contract and leave you in someone else’s hands. We handle your security step-by-step to meet the standard of quality we’ve become known for, and to ensure delivery of our highest priority: your peace of mind, both for the safety of your employees and the security of your business.


    Additional considerations for business sites


    Big or small, commercial spaces have many considerations that go above and beyond residential security. Not only are there assets to protect, but internal theft is an increasing concern with the rising importance of intellectual property.


    Even smaller businesses house as many as a dozen employees, and fire security with notifications to emergency responders is a peace of mind that no business owner can go without. Knowing that your security provider has the expertise and standard of work that you expect is the only way your investment will give you the peace that you deserve from your security systems.


    Emergencies, theft and break-ins are interruptions to your regular course of business, and stack the deck against you with loss of capital, damage to property, and rising insurance premiums. The media attention and loss of morale among employees are incalculable costs on top of everything else. You want complete control over who has access to your property, and over the security of your employees and of commercial investments.


    Business needs in Locust Grove, GA


    Locust Grove has grown to be far more commercial in the last 30 years, which means more commerce but also more opportunity for theft. Ours is a community we’re proud of, and we’re only satisfied when everyone is safe. Reach out to us today for a free quote for your Premier Business Security Monitoring in Locust Grove, Ga!