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  • Premier burglar alarm monitoring in Locust Grove, GA.

    Advanced Security and Fire provides the premier burglar alarm monitoring in Locust Grove, Georgia. Locally-owned and operated, we provide security solutions for the home and business, and with the best customer service this community has seen. With a decade of expertise in the Locust Grove area, we’re ready to consult you on your security needs.

    At ASAF, we take pride in being know for our customer service. Not only do we provide a high-quality product line, but our office is staffed by the very same neighbors that you see on a daily basis. This is our neighborhood, too, and we work to raise the bar of security.

    If you want the premier alarm monitoring, be sure to shop wisely and take into consideration:

    What is the “real cost,” considering contract length?
    Where does your payment go (is the equipment purchased, financed, or leased)?

    System features
    Does the monitoring service work by cellphone towers or satellites?
    Do the related camera systems come in wired or wireless options?

    What monitoring service does the company provide?
    What installation service do they provide?
    What maintenance service do they provide, and over what period of time?

    The best monitoring is what will give you the greatest peace of mind. You want complete control over entry to your property—and full, automated alarms to emergency responders will let you breathe easier. With automated monitoring alerts, you can keep control the conditions of your business or home as well as entryways, for the ultimate burglar protection.

    With 24/7 monitoring, a watchful eye is kept over your property at all times. The level of security needed for premier burglar monitoring isn’t just about break-ins—it’s about commercial retail environments, enhanced security in homes, and every other protection from burglary and theft.

    Premier monitoring in Locust Grove, GA

    The best alarm monitoring for Locust Grove is provided by the company with the greatest experience in Locust Grove. Advanced Security and Fire has seen Locust Grove grow and change, particularly over the last 30 years as the town has grown and become more commercial.

    This is our community, too, and it’s one we’re proud of. We’ve been working for the last 10 years to raise the bar of security, as Atlanta area crime statistics have calmed, but as our Locust Grove community has seen more movement and commerce—and attracted a slowly incrementing amount of theft as a consequence.

    The full scope

    Premier alarm monitoring means protecting yourself against more than break-ins. That’s why we provide full, comprehensive alarm monitoring services to ensure that you’re protected against everything from fire emergencies to burglaries—and that you have a watchful eye on your property for any security need.