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    Advanced Security and Fire: Your Trusted Partner for Security and Fire Safety in Peachtree City, GA

    Advanced Security and Fire is committed to providing Peachtree City, GA, with a full suite of safety and security solutions. Specializing in fire alarms and detection systems, security alarms and automation, camera systems, and access control, we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of this vibrant community, ensuring residents and businesses enjoy peace of mind with state-of-the-art protection.

    Fire Alarms & Detection Systems

    In Peachtree City, a community known for its extensive network of golf cart paths and family-friendly neighborhoods like Braelinn and Kedron Hills, ensuring the safety of homes and commercial properties with reliable fire detection systems is crucial. Our fire alarms are designed to offer early detection of fire hazards, using advanced smoke detectors and heat sensors that meet all local and state fire safety regulations. This proactive approach helps safeguard properties and lives against unexpected fires.

    Security Alarms and Automation

    As Peachtree City continues to grow, so does the need for robust security solutions. Our security alarms and automation systems are perfect for areas like Aberdeen and Centennial, where residents value both safety and convenience. These systems integrate seamlessly with modern smart home technologies, allowing residents to monitor their homes remotely and receive alerts on their devices, ensuring their property is secure whether they are at home or away.

    Camera Systems

    Camera systems are an essential part of maintaining security in Peachtree City. In commercial areas like Market Place and residential zones such as Smokerise Estates, our high-definition cameras provide continuous surveillance to deter criminal activities and provide clear recordings. These systems are invaluable for local businesses and homeowners, offering extra eyes on the ground 24/7 to enhance security and provide documented evidence when needed.

    Access Control

    In Peachtree City, where community spaces and business complexes abound, access control systems are increasingly important. These systems are utilized in areas like Westpark and The Avenue Peachtree City, managing access to buildings and sensitive areas effectively. Our access control solutions, which include keycard, keycode, and biometric systems, are customized to meet the specific security needs of each client, ensuring that access is restricted to authorized personnel only.


    What type of fire alarm system is recommended for Peachtree City homes?

    • We recommend installing multi-sensor fire alarms that can detect both smoke and heat, providing comprehensive coverage ideal for the varied home styles in Peachtree City.

    Can I control my security system from my phone in Peachtree City?

    • Yes, our security systems are equipped with the latest technology that allows you to manage and monitor your security settings from your smartphone or tablet, offering convenience and control.

    What features do your camera systems offer for local businesses?

    • Our camera systems for businesses include motion detection, night vision, and remote viewing capabilities, ensuring that business owners can monitor their premises effectively, even when they are not on site.

    How customizable are your access control systems for Peachtree City properties?

    • Our access control systems are highly customizable, designed to suit the specific security requirements of various properties, whether commercial, residential, or industrial.

    Do you provide installation and maintenance services in all areas of Peachtree City?

    • Yes, we offer comprehensive installation and maintenance services across Peachtree City to ensure that all systems function optimally and continue to provide reliable security and safety.


    List of Neighborhoods in Peachtree City, GA with Their Zip Codes:

    • Braelinn (30269)
    • Kedron Hills (30269)
    • Aberdeen (30269)
    • Centennial (30269)
    • Market Place (30269)
    • Smokerise Estates (30269)
    • Westpark (30269)
    • The Avenue Peachtree City (30269)

    Nearby Cities:

    • Fayetteville, GA
    • Newnan, GA
    • Tyrone, GA
    • Senoia, GA
    • Sharpsburg, GA

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