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    What makes the leading security monitoring provider in McDonough, GA the best of its kind? Security monitoring is more than technology, and it’s more than price-points and services. The best security monitoring provider has to encompass all of these things and more, and demonstrate leadership in the sector to stay on top of updates to technologies and local needs.

    With almost 10 years of experience in the McDonough area, Advanced Security and Fire is a local security monitoring provider who’s aware of changing needs. We provide a product listing of services that can be installed individually, or used in concert in a larger security plan.

    Beyond our local footprint, ASAF also has access to the technologies and monitoring networks that power the most comprehensive security options you can find in the market today.


    About Advanced Service and Fire

    Advanced Security and Fire, Inc. is a locally-owned security solutions provider. We provide state-of-the-art, top-rated products, and the service you expect from professionals working in your community.

    We take pride in our highest standard of customer service, which is the essential ingredient to reach from effective security monitoring to leading security monitoring. In Mcdonough, GA and in surrounding areas, our customers have the peace of mind that can only come from a monitoring service they know is personally and locally vested in keeping them safe.


    Comprehensive needs covered by the best provider with locally-demonstrated service

    To become the leading security provider, it’s required to provide all the services that clients need for a holistic plan. Comprehensive security can be built off several systems working in tandem, which gives you limitless possibilities with the programming and technologies available today.

    Advanced Security and Fire meets all your needs with the following system and service offerings and more:

    • Fire Alarm installation, service, and monitoring
    • Burglar Alarm installation, service, and monitoring
    • CCTV Camera System installation and service
    • Access Control System installation and service

    These services are available for residential and commercial, and each come with our greatest service offering: our expert consultation on your security needs, identifying the systems that make sense for you.


    Leading commercial security monitoring

    Security monitoring for commercial spaces has dozens of considerations above and beyond private residences. As a business owner, you want complete control over who has access to your property. And, you ultimately have to weigh security risks against the possibility of temporary shut-downs to business.

    Commercial security needs start at theft protection and detection. Our 24/7 monitoring systems keep a watchful eye over your business, during business hours and after. Theft has lasting implications beyond the loss of capital or damage to property. Break-ins can also mean latency in the delivery of your product as your company recovers. And, even where your insurance covers losses, the rise in premiums and the damage to reputation capital can be staggering, especially for small businesses.

    ASAF commercial security monitoring maximizes your monitoring capacity with automatic notifications to emergency responders, owners and police. We work quickly with owners to alert authorities to any attempted break-ins. And, as a local security provider, we make it easy to reach us in the case of questions, false alarms, maintenance and other immediate needs.

    Theft isn’t only about physical capital anymore…which brings us to the most sobering commercial security need of all: conditions and internal monitoring. Intellectual property is many companies’ most valuable asset today, and internal theft is a reality for big and small businesses alike. There’s a reason why many employers choose to do background checks on all employees before hiring; much though we wish it weren’t so, there is a security concern with anyone who steps foot onto your property. Not only is it a matter of who you let into the building, but what employees learn about your business and your operations can also put you at risk if you don’t have monitoring in place.

    Conditions monitoring gives owners the peace-of-mind that specific conditions within or outside of the facility are kept stable, whenever such conditions can negatively impact business operations or result in a significant loss. For example, supermarkets with large amounts of frozen or refrigerated food will need the automation and monitoring to ensure that owners are notified in the case that a threshold is breached, a door left open, or an area entered that should be off-limits.

    Whether the business owner is on-site or away, ASAF sets up the monitoring systems that meet your needs, keep you safe, and give you the peace of mind you deserve.


    Leading residential security monitoring

    Just having the ASAF sign in your yard is a deterrent, which might, in part, be thanks to the reputation that ASAF enjoys by offering the leading security monitoring in McDonough, GA.

    At home, you deserve to relax. If you have a family, you have every right to expect to feel safe behind closed doors. We share the goal of giving you that very sense of security, and have the product and service list to demonstrate it.

    Fire alarms and detectors are one of the most fundamental components of home security, and they need to be installed properly and tested regularly to be effective. When alarms are due to be replaced, ASAF consults home owners on integrating them with other alarm systems, such as burglary alarms. These and other security systems, like CCTV, can all be linked and automated with immediate notifications to emergency responders and to home owners.

    Did you know that 24/7 monitoring services are within reach of residential home owners, too? COPS monitoring system is a national network that powers the 24/7 monitoring that your local provider offers you. The safest security systems will always be those installed by a local, tested by a local. Having your security systems maintenance taken care of by a local professional is the only way to ensure you will have the maintenance support you need.

    According to a 2010 New York Times study, about half of the security systems installed in the U.S. are in private homes. With as much as a business has to lose, and as ubiquitous as these systems appear to be in commercial real-estate, a home is no less important to protect, and these numbers demonstrate that.


    Changes in technology

    A neighbor might confess that he doesn’t even notice when a new security-provider shield goes up in a window, or even when a yard-sign is staked in front of a home. These indicators of in-home security systems have become so common that, for most of us, they go unnoticed.

    However, a thief will pick out this detail in an instant. The systems and technologies powering in-home security today are the stuff of science-fiction movies from forty years ago. With window and door sensors, in- and outdoor motion sensors, automatically-triggered CCTV monitoring and an enormous base of internally-recognized control panels and software, home security is no small business today.

    Giving you the peace of mind that a break-in or emergency can be detected, with alarms sounded in the home and to the necessary emergency responders, is security you and your family deserve. It’s something we want to promote in the entire McDonough area—it’s our community, too. And keeping you safe is well within reach, no matter the family budget or the size of the businesses.

    New security offerings have been the product of tremendous strides forward in technology, and also thanks to the hot competition that has driven prices down for everyone. The first step to make a change in your security plan is deciding that where you are isn’t good enough. Only then will you step forward. If there’s room for greater peace of mind at home or at work, then contact ASAF for a free quote today to learn about the options available to you to get a full-scale security plan in place.

    For those of you who already have a security system installed in your homes or businesses, these rapid advances in security monitoring technologies have also been the product of increased demand. The “bad guys” continue learning systems and how to corrupt or take advantage of them, and so it’s only through consultation with a professional that you can be sure to stay one step ahead.


    Protecting the McDonough, GA area

    We are proud to provide the highest-level of security to the McDonough area, and we make it our goal to give all our neighbors the safety you deserve. Established in 2008, it was our mission from day one at ASAF to walk our clients through our step-by-step process of identifying needs, consultation, installation and education, and system checks and maintenance to deliver the highest value over time. Whereas larger companies sub-contract out at least the installation portion of this process, at ASAF we take care of you from start to finish. You know who you’re working with the whole time, and receive the highest degree of communication and concern for local security needs.

    It’s our belief that the only way to design and install a security system is to do so with the best application of technologies and services possible, which requires an investment in the area, local knowledge of the needs, and a relationship with the community.

    A national provider won’t be reading the same newspaper as you. At ASAF, we’re equally proud to be a part of this community as we are to protect it. Contracting a local provider means no less security or monitoring capacity, either, what with partnerships with national networks like COPS monitoring.

    Try us out, and you’ll see.

    You want to trust and know the person installing your security systems in your home or business just as well as you would know a neighbor, because sloppy jobs or intentionally mis-installed equipment means that you’re at even greater risk than before. The standing reputation of ASAF in the McDonough area is a demonstration of our commitment and follow-through beyond our proven expertise.

    There’s a reason why national security monitors have disapproval rates as high as 90%, according to Forbes magazine: because there is room for improvement in the customer service and in local knowledge of risks, neighborhoods, and other McDonough-area considerations. 

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