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    Advanced Security and Fire: Premier Safety and Security Services in Hampton, GA

    Advanced Security and Fire is proud to serve Hampton, GA, with a complete range of fire alarms, security systems, camera systems, and access control solutions. Our services are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of Hampton’s residential and business communities, ensuring that everyone in the area benefits from the highest standard of safety and security measures.

    Fire Alarms & Detection Systems

    In Hampton, where the community values safety and homes range from historic to new constructions, having reliable fire alarms and detection systems is crucial. Neighborhoods like Lovejoy and Northbridge Estates benefit greatly from our advanced systems, which include smoke detectors, heat sensors, and carbon monoxide alarms, providing early warnings that help prevent disasters and ensure quick emergency responses. Our systems are designed to be intuitive and effective, meeting the strict requirements of Georgia’s fire safety regulations.

    Security Alarms and Automation

    As Hampton grows, the importance of sophisticated security alarms and automation increases. Our systems are essential for homeowners and businesses in areas such as Pates Lake and Crystal Lake Golf and Country Club, where maintaining security is a priority. Equipped with the latest technology, our systems offer features such as remote monitoring, automated security protocols, and real-time alerts, allowing property owners to feel secure whether they are at home or away.

    Camera Systems

    Implementing high-quality camera systems in Hampton helps to enhance security throughout the community. From the bustling streets of Downtown Hampton to the quiet, family-friendly neighborhood of Bridgeport, our camera systems provide continuous surveillance, deter crime, and assist in the identification and prosecution of crimes when they occur. Our cameras are designed to operate in a variety of environments, ensuring clear footage both day and night.

    Access Control

    Access control systems in Hampton are crucial for restricting access to certain areas, especially in sensitive locations like schools, medical facilities, and business complexes. In areas like Hampton Meadows, where security is paramount, our systems ensure that only authorized individuals can gain entry. We offer a range of access control solutions, from traditional lock and key systems to advanced biometric scanners, each tailored to meet the specific security needs of our clients.


    What type of fire alarm is best for an older home in Hampton?

    • For older homes, we recommend dual-sensor fire alarms that detect both smoke and sudden heat increases, ensuring comprehensive coverage and timely alerts.

    Can I control my security system from my phone in Hampton?

    • Yes, our security systems are fully capable of remote operation through a smartphone app, allowing you to manage your security settings from anywhere.

    What features do your camera systems offer for properties in Hampton?

    • Our camera systems offer features such as HD recording, night vision, motion detection, and weather resistance, making them ideal for both residential and commercial properties in Hampton.

    How secure are your access control systems against unauthorized access?

    • Our access control systems use advanced encryption and security protocols to prevent unauthorized access, ensuring that your property remains secure.

    Do you offer customized security solutions for different neighborhoods in Hampton?

    • Yes, we customize our security solutions to the specific needs and characteristics of different neighborhoods in Hampton, ensuring effective and efficient security coverage.


    List of Neighborhoods in Hampton, GA with Their Zip Codes:

    • Lovejoy (30250)
    • Northbridge Estates (30228)
    • Pates Lake (30228)
    • Crystal Lake Golf and Country Club (30228)
    • Downtown Hampton (30228)
    • Bridgeport (30228)
    • Hampton Meadows (30228)

    Nearby Cities:

    • McDonough, GA
    • Jonesboro, GA
    • Fayetteville, GA
    • Stockbridge, GA
    • Locust Grove, GA

    Crime & Fire Statistics

    Crime Rates in Hampton, GA

    1. Overview

    • Hampton experiences both violent and property crimes.

    • Here are the key statistics:

    • Total Crime Index: 55 (100 is safest) – Safer than 55% of U.S. cities.

    • Property Crime Rate: 6.89 per 1,000 residents.

    Property Crimes

    • The chances of becoming a victim of a property crime in Hampton are as follows:
      • 1 in 145 within Hampton.
      • 1 in 59 in Georgia.
    • Specific property crime rates per 1,000 residents:
      • Burglary: 0.48
      • Theft: 5.81
      • Motor Vehicle Theft: 0.60


    Fire Rates in Austell, GA (2013-2022)


    Austell experienced fluctuating fire rates, with varying numbers of fires, deaths, injuries, and dollar loss over the last decade.

    Fire Incidents

    • Number of Fires: Ranged from 1,200 to 1,500 annually, marking a slight increase by the end of the decade.
    • Residential Building Fires: Fluctuated from 350 to 380 annually.

    Fatalities and Injuries

    • Fire-related Deaths: Annual deaths due to fires varied from 30 to 38, with an increase observed towards the end of the period.
    • Fire Injuries: Ranged from 120 to 130 annually, with a slight decrease observed over the years.
    • Residential Building Deaths and Injuries: Specifically, deaths in residential fires ranged from 23 to 28, and injuries from 105 to 125 annually.

    Dollar Loss

    • Total Dollar Loss: The financial impact of fires ranged from $13 billion to $18 billion, showing a significant increase adjusted for inflation over the decade.
    • Residential Building Fire Dollar Loss: Fluctuated from $7.9 billion to $9.0 billion.