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  • Greatest no contract alarm monitoring in McDonough, GA.

    The best of any industry—whether a shoe salesman, a hair stylist or an alarm monitoring company—know when they’re the best. And at Advanced Security and Fire, we know that we offer the right products, with the right local experience and expertise, and under the right conditions that make sense for our clients.

    Particularly in security and alarm monitoring, the companies with confidence know that they can offer their services without abusive contracts that tie customers’ hands. That’s why you can look to ASAF for the greatest, no-contract alarm monitoring in McDonough, GA.

    We’re looking not only to raise the bar of alarm monitoring in McDonough, but to raise the bar of consumer advocacy. And, for consumers, a no-contract agreement ultimately means:

    Not being locked in if the service doesn’t turn out to be what you want
    No fees for breaking contracts early, and
    No pay-all-at-cancellation schemes that jack up your end price

    These factors cumulatively make for a more affordable product for businesses and home owners alike, despite the fact that some companies can tout cheaper monthly sticker prices with hidden fees in lengthy contracts of 3+ years.

    Ask yourself: when was the last time you signed any contract for more than three years for something other than a mortgage?

    With local providers, it’s not just the perk of the end price you get—it’s the local attention and in-town expertise. You get the professional who does it all, without sending a series of subcontractors to your home from the big, interstate dispatches of the larger providers.

    You also get the locally-based equipment maintenance over the lifetime of your security equipment, instead of calling the bigger companies who have to send a stranger to your home or business.

    Expert tip:

    Here’s the real perk—without a lock-in contract, you have no cancellation fees, and you have no hidden costs to pay the remainder of financed equipment in bulk at the time of cancellation (or when the contract simply ends). And you get this cheaper deal talking to the real person down the road from your property, with the local knowledge to give you what you really want: feeling safe and protected, thanks to a professional who really knows your McDonough neighborhood.

    If you need customer service without call centers and scripted help, or if you need the expert hacks to design the security infrastructure that makes the most sense for your need, then you need to work with the professional who does it all. You need to work with the business owner who you can trust, and who’s personally invested in your safety in McDonough and surrounding areas.

    For the best, no-contract service, call Advanced Security and Fire today!