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  • Greatest cheapest security monitoring in McDonough, GA.

    If it were possible, who wouldn’t always want the best? Especially when it comes to security, the idea of buying and installing a system that doesn’t quite cut it wouldn’t make sense at all. You want the capacity, the quality, and the right monitoring service to take care of you, your family, or your business.


    But that doesn’t change that budgets are always a part of the picture. As long as you feel confident about the quality and capacity, you’ll choose the cheapest of like options every time. Right?


    In order to understand the pricing around security monitoring, and find what’s really cheapest in the end, it’s important to take a look at what you expect to get out of your monitoring service. Tell us if these hit home:


    • You want your monitoring service to be 24/7
    • You want the service to have the highest quality
    • You also want the contract length to be reasonable
    • You want the provider to be easy to get in touch with
    • And you want the client services to be good enough when you do get in touch


    The best way to keep prices down and check these each off your list is to find the security provider who does it all. You want a single-contact who makes it all happen, and manages the moving parts. You want the same person who sells you equipment to be the one to install it, and the one who you call when you have issues or need maintenance.

    THIS is the way to keep your costs down. Don’t break your budget a-la-carting it with multiple contractors and providers.


    Let’s talk local


    The benefit to calling your security provider and getting a person on the phone, without waiting through hold music, is enormous. There’s no sticker price on it, because national providers can’t even offer it. And you don’t want to hear a script. If you have a question, the benefit of talking to someone who does more than front-line sales is unbeatable.


    We at Advanced Security and Fire get a great deal of satisfaction out of providing you this top-notch client service. This is our community, too, and we actually enjoy the consultation that goes into getting security monitoring done right.


    At a national provider, as soon as you offer a sales rep your zip code, you risk costs are inflated accordingly. That’s right—areas with higher incomes are considered higher targets for theft, and prices are bumped. That’s the most personalized attention you get based on your neighborhood. McDonough is reduced to a table of household income.


    We take pride in doing our job to the highest standard at ASAF, and we know our products are worth the price we quote. But we don’t inflate things artificially. We believe in strong security, and we believe in this community. For the greatest, cheapest security monitoring in McDonough, GA, working with us makes the impossible possible. We can offer the best AND the most economical options, with fair pricing and the highest-quality monitoring you can find.