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  • Greatest cellular alarm monitoring in Stockbridge, GA.

    Even if it’s what your cellphone-occupied brain first thought of, cellular alarm monitoring
    actually has nothing to do with your cellphone. Most modern alarm systems do have
    apps you can download to your phone to streamline your alerts and control panel
    access, but cellular alarm monitoring is actually the name of an entire branch of
    security technology.
    Cellular alarm monitoring is also the safest technology out there, so read on to learn
    how it works!
    What is cellular alarm monitoring?
    Cellular alarm monitoring refers to how your cameras, door and window sensors and
    control panel communicate, and how those messages are ultimately sent to your
    monitoring company. These signals are all sent and managed via cell towers, just like
    your cellphone service. The other option is a security system that communicates over
    wireless internet.
    So, what does this mean? This means that cellular alarm monitoring has no cords to be
    cut, and no wireless to be knocked out. There’s no way that a burglar can beat your
    security system without smashing the control panel itself.
    PRO TIP: Even if an intruder does try smashing your control panel, stay a step ahead
    by searching for equipment with “crash/smash protection.” It might have different
    names based on different manufacturers, but in essence it’s the feature that sends an
    alert to your monitoring service as soon as the control panel is offline. That way, your
    monitoring company will always know when something is going on.
    Wait, cellphone towers…can it affect my cell service at home?
    There are two common questions home and business owners have when they learn
    about cellular alarm monitoring:
    1. If I have lousy service at home, will cellular monitoring work?
    2. Whatever my coverage is like at home, will cellular monitoring clog up my
    cellphone service?
    We have some good news that answers both of these. Most alarm monitoring systems
    use dedicated channels for this service, which allows for the greatest cellular alarm
    monitoring. In Stockbridge, GA, the question of cellphone service has routinely been a
    concern—but your provider or coverage never have to mean a thing to your home
    To sum it all up, some of your biggest benefits of using cellular alarm monitoring are:
     No landlines to be tampered with
     Service doesn’t interfere with cellphone service
     Devices communicate on a dedicated cellular channel
     Systems can have built-in alarms for “smash and crash” intruder attempts
     Access to your alerts and control panel via apps on our cell or computer

    Whatever your priorities in your own alarm system, it’s our pleasure to consult with you
    and give you our Stockbridge expertise. We’re your neighbors, and equally invested in
    setting the bar higher for security in our community. This means helping educate; if you
    have any questions about cellular alarm monitoring, or other features or technologies