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  • Finest residential alarm monitoring in Metro Atlanta, GA.

    What makes the finest residential alarm monitoring? How can you measure it? Or,
    more importantly, how can you recognize it when you see it?
    The finest monitoring company is the one whose service is the best, AND at the same
    time the most affordable. Both have to be true for it to be the most valued, finest
    residential alarm monitoring.
    In metro Atlanta, GA, homeowners shouldn’t settle for the “best.” The finest service
    available goes a step further, and is the only option for homeowners to enjoy the
    confidence and comfort that we need to take back in the Atlanta area.
    Local expertise is that much more important in Atlanta communities
    In 2016, Atlanta had 26,814 reported thefts and 4,436 counts of burglary. And while the
    surrounding areas provide a “safe haven” for some homeowners, much of this “safe
    distance from crime” is falsely perceived, lulling many families into a false sense of
    The fact of the matter is, of the residential burglaries that happen in our community,
    approximately 30% of them happen while someone’s at home. That, coupled with the
    realities for the Atlanta metro area with today’s crime rates, and no homeowner will rest
    easy without the finest alarm monitor supporting their security at home.
    Finding and recognizing the finest alarm monitor
    In order to take an intelligent look at the finest companies and services, it’s important to
    compare options using the most important factors that homeowners consider when
    shopping for their alarm monitoring service.
    A 10,000-foot view will tell us one thing: EXPERIENCE sums up everything you need in
    an alarm monitor provider. You need to feel confident from day one. If you already
    have a short list of providers to look at, answer these questions to see how their
    relevant experience stacks up:
    1. When you call the company, do you speak to a real person?
    2. If you do speak to a real person, is it a sales rep or someone who has a greater
    stake or plays a bigger role? Or, do you at least have easy access to speak to
    the necessary specialist (e.g., technicians, or even the owner)?
    3. Does a person from that SAME company come to assess your property (or do
    they send a contractor)?
    4. Does the company representative personally know something about your
    5. Are you able to easily call that same person to ask questions that you think of
    after the assessment?
    6. Does that very same company come out to install the equipment you elect?
    Experience is two parts résumé…and one part relevance. The more experience a
    residential alarm monitoring company has in your area, the more relevant their
    experience is going to be.

    Work with a local company, and the experience they have will be that much more
    relevant to your daily reality here in the Atlanta area. And the more we as a community
    work to up the standard of security in our community, the bigger we’ll celebrate once