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  • Finest commercial security monitor in Locust Grove, GA.

    It’s such a diplomatic way of talking about theft—“intrusions monitoring.” This language is favored by companies who try to go hard in the other direction from the alarmist security monitoring companies who go door-to-door after a high-profile break-in.


    After a major theft happens in a community like Locust Grove, people are shaken. It’s not our job to scare you into buying our product, real though these threats seem after this type of happening. But it is our job to raise the bar of security here so that our community doesn’t get targeted for falling “off the beaten path,” or “behind the times.”


    The finest commercial security monitor


    In Locust Grove, GA, there’s no market to be alarmist. But there’s no market to beat around the bush, either. Advanced Security and Fire believes in being realistic and TRANSPARENT with our community in order to install and provide the security systems that do the best job of meeting each need.


    The finest security monitor is the company who provides service to the community, by members of the community, and for the sake of the community.


    The finest security monitor is the company with every local consideration in mind, and who can carry you through the process step by step without outsourcing and sending other contractors to your business or home.


    You don’t want to be taken advantage of by a burglar…but you don’t want to be taken advantage of by a security provider, either. Here are the top considerations to bear in mind when you shop for a monitor. We stand by these and believe in these—so, even if you do find another provider who demonstrates that they can deliver on each, it’s our job to support your decision and continue setting the bar higher and higher for this community as a whole.


    • Does the monitoring company know enough about Locust Grove or surrounding areas’ (local news stories, crime trends and crime rates)?
    • Does the monitoring company have a customer service channel where you can talk to a specialist, technician or owner (and not just a help-desk operator)?
    • Does the monitoring company offer contracts shorter than 3 years for their ongoing monitoring service?
    • Does the monitoring company begin with an in-person consultation to look at your property, and give an expert-analysis of what equipment, vantage points, software and other features you need to meet your goals?
    • Does the company do it all in-house, from consultation to installation to maintenance?


    If any of these answers is NO, this is not the “finest security monitoring business.” It might get the job done, but security isn’t about finding what’s “adequate.” Security is about certainty. And we at Advanced Security and Fire are certain that we’ll provide you the finest demonstrated service for your commercial security needs in Locust Grove.