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    Advanced Security and Fire: Ensuring Safety in Conyers, GA

    Advanced Security and Fire specializes in providing reliable safety and security solutions to the Conyers, GA community. Our expertise covers everything from fire alarms and detection systems to comprehensive security automation, camera surveillance, and access control systems. Residents and businesses in Conyers can trust us to enhance their safety with advanced, customized technology.

    Fire Alarms & Detection Systems

    Fire safety is crucial for every community, and Conyers is no exception. Our sophisticated fire alarms and detection systems are essential for early warning and quick response. In neighborhoods like Honey Creek and Lake Capri, where residential and commercial properties nestle close to natural landscapes, the risk of fire can be higher, especially during dry seasons. Our systems are designed to provide residents with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their properties are well-protected against fire threats, aligning with Georgia’s fire safety codes and regulations.

    Security Alarms and Automation

    With its vibrant community and active commercial areas like the Conyers Crossroads, ensuring the security of your property in Conyers is paramount. Our security alarms and automation services offer advanced protection, integrating easily with digital devices for real-time monitoring and control. This is particularly beneficial in areas like Fieldstone and Bridle Ridge, where families and business owners value quick and easy access to security settings. Features like motion sensors, automated door locks, and customized alerts ensure that your property is safeguarded around the clock.

    Camera Systems

    Surveillance technology plays a vital role in crime prevention and can significantly enhance security in both public and private spaces. In Conyers, where landmarks like the Georgia International Horse Park attract visitors, maintaining security with camera systems is crucial. We install top-quality, high-definition cameras that monitor and record activities, helping to deter potential criminals and providing valuable evidence when needed. Whether it’s a retail setting on Dogwood Drive or a quiet street in Meadowbrook, our camera systems offer comprehensive coverage.

    Access Control

    Access control is a critical component of security for many businesses and private residences in Conyers. By regulating who can enter certain areas, these systems prevent unauthorized access and ensure that only permitted individuals can enter sensitive spaces. In commercial hubs and residential areas like Silver Summit, access control can protect against intrusions and enhance overall security. Our systems can be tailored to specific needs, providing robust security solutions that support a safe living and working environment.


    What type of fire alarm systems do you recommend for a Conyers home?

    • We recommend a combination of smoke detectors and thermal detectors for homes in Conyers, customized to the layout and specific needs of your property to ensure comprehensive coverage.

    How can I control my security system remotely in Conyers?

    • Our security systems are equipped with smart technology that allows you to control and monitor your system via a smartphone app, giving you access to real-time information and controls from anywhere.

    Are the installed cameras discreet?

    • We offer both discreet and more visible camera options depending on your security needs and preferences. Discreet cameras can blend seamlessly into your property’s design while still providing full surveillance capabilities.

    What are the benefits of access control systems for Conyers businesses?

    • Access control systems provide enhanced security by ensuring that only authorized personnel can access certain areas, reducing the risk of theft and ensuring the safety of both assets and employees.

    Can your security solutions be customized for different types of properties in Conyers?

    • Yes, we offer customizable security solutions that can be tailored to the specific requirements of any property, whether residential or commercial, ensuring optimal security and efficiency.


    List of Neighborhoods in Conyers, GA with Their Zip Codes:

    • Honey Creek (30094)
    • Lake Capri (30012)
    • Fieldstone (30013)
    • Bridle Ridge (30013)
    • Meadowbrook (30094)
    • Silver Summit (30013)

    Nearby Cities:

    • Covington, GA
    • Lithonia, GA
    • Snellville, GA
    • Loganville, GA
    • Stonecrest, GA

    Crime & Fire Statistics

    Crime Rates in Conyers, GA by Year

    Robberies (per 100,000)

    • 2015: 37 (233.6)
    • 2016: 41 (256.2)
    • 2017: 27 (168.4)
    • 2018: 18 (111.6)
    • 2019: 15 (93.1)

    Burglaries (per 100,000)

    • 2015: 141 (890.3)
    • 2016: 101 (631.1)
    • 2017: 96 (598.7)
    • 2018: 70 (434.0)
    • 2019: 36 (223.4)

    Thefts (per 100,000)

    • 2015: 655 (4,136)
    • 2016: 554 (3,462)
    • 2017: 571 (3,561)
    • 2018: 543 (3,367)
    • 2019: 374 (2,321)

    Auto Thefts (per 100,000)

    • 2015: 65 (410.4)
    • 2016: 45 (281.2)
    • 2017: 56 (349.3)
    • 2018: 49 (303.8)
    • 2019: 22 (136.5)

    City-Data.com Crime Index

    • 2015: 441.8
    • 2016: 388.2
    • 2017: 403.8
    • 2018: 380.3
    • 2019: 277.6

    The City-Data.com Crime Index for Conyers, GA shows a notable trend of decreasing crime rates over five years. Beginning at 441.8 in 2015, the index saw fluctuations but generally trended downwards, reaching its lowest at 277.6 in 2019. This decrease reflects significant improvements in local safety and potentially effective law enforcement strategies over these years. The most substantial drop occurred between 2018 and 2019, highlighting a year of marked progress in reducing crime.


    Fire Rates in Conyers, GA (2013-2022)


    Conyers experienced fluctuating fire rates from 2013 to 2022, reflecting changes in the number of incidents, fatalities, injuries, and financial losses due to fires.

    Fire Incidents

    • Total Fires: Annually, the fires ranged from approximately 1,100 to 1,400. The period saw a slight overall increase in fire incidents by 2022.
    • Residential Building Fires: These fluctuated annually from around 320 to 360.

    Fatalities and Injuries

    • Fire-related Deaths: Each year saw fire-related deaths varying from 28 to 36, with an uptick noted towards the latter part of the decade.
    • Fire Injuries: Injuries from fires varied annually between 110 and 125, with a general trend of slight reduction over time.
    • Residential Building Deaths and Injuries: Deaths in residential fires ranged from 21 to 27, and injuries varied from 100 to 120 annually.

    Dollar Loss

    • Overall Dollar Loss Due to Fires: Estimated financial losses due to fires ranged from $12 billion to $17 billion, showing an increase when adjusted for inflation over the decade.
    • Residential Building Fire Dollar Loss: For residential fires specifically, the dollar loss fluctuated from $7 billion to $8.5 billion.