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  • Commercial surveillance camera systems for your house OR business in McDonough, GA.

    Surveillance systems, if we’re talking technically, are a little bit different than security systems. Surveillance cameras simply record and monitor, while security systems have set alarms to react to specific triggers.


    Your first reaction might be, “Well, obviously I want security cameras!” And you’d probably be right, because in most cases you’ll want an alarm and immediate notification to emergency responders. However, there are still uses for commercial surveillance camera systems for your home or business. In McDonough, GA, Advanced Security and Fire is your top-of-the-line local provider who can explain all your options.


    Now. Here’s the next relevant nugget: even though these systems are technically different, the terms are commonly used interchangeably. So, now you know a little security trivia that most people will never learn.


    Lessons aside…


    Whatever the technical names of one system or another, security camera systems are now more affordable than ever. Lower costs and rising demand have changed your possibilities for surveillance and security forever.


    The primary need behind home and business owners installing surveillance camera systems is to feel safer. This safety is layered, first by knowing that any burglar who sees the cameras will be deterred. Then, for those who don’t see the security systems, or who are brassy enough to burgle you anyway, you’ll have footage to give right to the police—not to mention automated alarms to emergency responders.


    Get your numbers right


    In 2015, twice as many burglaries occurred during than day than at night. Alarm systems work, but only when you have the consultation, installation, and guidance on how to use them. A burglary occurs on average every 18 seconds in the U.S.


    Did you know that 34% of burglars enter through the front door? Did you know that most burglars live nearby the victim’s home? The FBI reported that the average loss (plus damage) in a burglary was a whopping $2,251 in 2014, and was on the rise with more digital devices at home.


    These numbers are for real, and might stop you in your tracks. But with the dropping costs and booming technologies in surveillance systems today, you can protect yourself and help police get the perp more affordably than ever before.


    At home and at work


    For homeowners, your concerns will be more for your family’s safety than anything else, especially with almost 30% of burglaries occurring while someone’s home.


    And at work, you’ll have to think about external monitoring (especially parking lots), internal monitoring, and—for retail environments—surveillance systems to catch shoplifters. With a bigger amount of intellectual property stored digitally, too, there’s room for theft by outsiders and employees through the simple drop of a thumb drive.


    Business owners can even think about commercial surveillance camera systems to protect themselves in the case of liabilities during worker compensation disputes.


    These stats are pretty compelling stats, and ASAF is ready to be your local, in-the-know, proven success provider to get you started. Give us a call to see just how affordable these surveillance systems are today!