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  • Commercial security system for your residence OR business in McDonough, GA.

    Especially when burglaries hit the news, inquiries to security providers skyrocket. At the same time, scamsters hit the streets, canvassing to case houses in areas that are already high-risk.

    Even the providers who offer legitimate services take advantage of the heightened sense of fear. There are always knocks on doors after a high-profile burglary, whereas commercial security systems should be on business and homeowners’ minds before break-ins occur.

    So, how do you identify the best commercial security system for your residence or business in McDonough, GA?

    The security system is only part of the picture; the security services provider is the other part. When you get knocks on doors, or otherwise feel nervous enough about not having a system that you start making calls yourself, be sure that security service providers are each vetted based on the following:

    Contract length of service
    ALL fees associated with service, from consultation to installation to maintenance
    Whether the company “takes care of it all,” or uses contractors for on-site work (this is common of national security providers)
    What presence the company already has in your neighborhood

    Today, you can actually wire security systems to account for multiple types of emergencies—and even have the respective alarms wired automatically to emergency responders. However, what we first think of when we talk about security systems is protection from break-ins. It’s not necessarily the scariest (just think about fires), but it feels common enough that most of us focus on this type of protection.

    Notes on burglary

    In the back of our minds, whether or not you’re already wise to it, there’s also a sense of justice knowing that—whereas a fire will leave no one to blame in many cases—another reason we invest so much in security against theft is because we can pursue the perpetrator. Proving who did it and having him or her pay his dues (at least to society) is one of the first applications we think of when talking about commercial security systems.

    What many proprietors fail to think about when preparing for burglaries or intrusion is what theft can ultimately mean to property damage, and—for businesses—loss of reputational capital. There are so many considerations that the place to start should always be in a professional consultation.

    Have you thought about business continuity? What about perimeter protection? Timed burglar alarms?

    Or, if you’ve already thought about the alarms and systems, have you already figured out your 24/7 monitoring?

    COPS monitoring

    COPS monitoring (or the Central Office Processing Services) is the largest wholesale alarm provider today in the U.S. While local security providers know their local areas, businesses, and trends in architecture—and are on-site to handle hardware, testing and installations—COPS was launched as a national monitoring service 40 years ago to provide the 24/7 monitoring that local security companies don’t have the power to staff.

    COPS monitoring was built as a warehouse of monitoring services. This created an immediate market for local providers to install new monitoring technologies in their corporate and private clients’ properties.

    Your local provider still gives you the consultation, installation and support that you need. The capacity to offer security systems like CCTV was added by partnering with COPS monitoring. McDonough, Georgia is a great example of where a local provider like Advanced Security and Fire is able to give you the expertise and experience you need to get a full consultation on the architecture, trends in crime and security technologies you need, while COPS monitoring offers the background technical support to make more security systems possible for you.

    What else?

    One sobering thing to remember is that burglars are cleverer than we’d like. And unexpected events are just that—unexpected. Working with a professional security provider means access to the best and newest technologies, which is particularly helpful in today’s market environment.

    But, what’s that about? Competition is unprecedently hot for any commercial security system for your residence or business. In McDonough, GA, we have access today to technologies that were only the thing of action movies in decades past.

    Leveraging this competition means consulting with the professionals who can advise you on the most robust systems with the best features for your needs. The better you can leverage this expertise, the better you can know how to apply the systems for full commercial security alarm success.

    Whatever the need, any commercial security system for a property in McDonough, GA requires a knowledge of McDonough, GA. Companies who outsource installation will, by default, be missing key pieces of information to advise you on your options today.

    Let’s get started: the best commercial security or surveillance system

    First of all, what is surveillance, and how is it different than security?

    Commercial security is: A system of sensors, cameras and alarms to alert when there’s a breach of protected areas.

    Commercial surveillance is: A system of sensors and cameras to monitor a space, often used in conjunction with alarms, but also feeding continual information to a database where it can be reviewed at a later date.

    Surveillance and security are not mutually exclusive, but they do have some major differences. That said, in the industry (and particularly among consumers), you’ll usually hear these terms used interchangeably.

    Our goal is for you to feel safer, whatever your security or surveillance needs. We want you to know that you have the resources—the systems, knowledge, monitoring and expert access—necessary to give you and emergency responders the best chance at keeping you safe and whole.

    And remember, even installing a commercial security system is a deterrent against break-in.

    Commercial security systems aren’t just for big businesses any more. Security for anyone—either a home or business owner—can be tricky, which is where your local experts come in.

    Experts can help you assess every particular. Is your property big or small? What ratio of property constitutes structures, and what portion is open yard? Do you have a lot of foot traffic during the day, or keep doors unlocked? Do you have multiple structures to wire together on the same security system?

    And, perhaps most importantly, do you plan on expanding or building onto your property at any time?

    If you want the flexibility to grow your business or build onto your home, and if you know your needs will change—or want to leverage technology as it changes—then consider a flexible security system. There are actually systems built so that you can add to them at a later time, even with disparate technologies or system interfaces. This option is particularly attractive for anyone “starting small” with their commercial security systems.

    A hybrid system is another name for these flexible security systems, and is something to be sure to ask your local provider about. In these cases, the system includes both wired (analog) and wireless (IP) cameras, giving you the greatest flexibility in adding onto systems.

    Looking forward

    In 2015, more than twice as many burglaries occurred during the day than during the night. Arming your property with the best commercial security isn’t just about arming the door and window sensors at night; it’s about the surveillance and in-depth security that keeps you safe all day, every day.

    To think about the integrity of your home or business property—particularly in big family homes, or businesses that house multiple employees—when mapping out your security needs, be sure to consider:

    Parking lots
    Internal monitoring (even baby monitors for young families)
    Retail environments and shoplifting
    Internal theft
    Virtual property, and digital hot-spots for theft
    Liability protection for areas prone to falls or slips

    When it comes to installation, working with a local provider is the best thing you can do for yourself. When it comes to the cameras, housing and mounts, and potential drilling for wired (analog) cameras, you deserve to work with the same professional who advised you on these systems in the first place. Working with a too-big-for-local-care company means installation will be contracted out, and a stranger will come to your home after all your work consulting on the right system and placement.

    How do you decide?

    It’s not just the cost of the equipment, not even just the cost of monitoring—it comes down to the Total Cost of Ownership of your equipment and the 24/7 monitoring.

    Because, let’s be honest, cost will be top-of-mind when shopping for a commercial security system for your residence or business.

    In McDonough, GA, making the decision to invest in a security system is an important first step. It starts with seeing past the possibility of burglary, and appreciating the rest of what you can do with high-quality security or surveillance.

    And, what about maintenance? Finding the best means shopping for the best service, that starts with an expert consultation but doesn’t stop after installation. Getting maintenance on your systems might not sound fun, because you’d like things just to work problem-free from day one. In the case something does come up, however, with a local provider you’ll have that peace of mind that you can get service fast, and keep your system up and running—and, often, this kind of maintenance is written in as an included perk to your original service contract, so be sure to ask before installation.

    Once you’ve identified the local provider who fits the bill, as you identify your maximum security coverage, be sure to ask about:

    Burglar alarms
    Monitoring service
    Window contacts and glass-break detectors
    Duress and medical assist buttons
    Asset tracking devices
    Door alarms
    Closed-circuit TVs (CCTVs)
    Consultation on the handling of false alarms
    Security manuals to keep everyone on the same page

    This was just a quick guide on a commercial security system for your residence or business in McDonough, GA, so if you have any additional questions, just call us at Advanced Security and Fire!