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    Commercial security isn’t just a thing for big businesses, and it’s not just a thing for action movies with slow-moving security guards, either. The security of a medium or small business is equally important, if not more so thanks to the restricted resources in the case of interruptions to their normal capacity to do business.


    Especially with new technologies, having a fully-developed security system doesn’t have to be a thing of inordinate costs. Working with your local provider to devise the plan that makes sense for you means personalized and innovative use of the newest security technologies to meet your needs, and within your budget.


    Owning commercial real estate has risks inside and out. Not only can there be break-ins and theft, but internal theft, or emergencies like a fire during business hours while there are dozens of employees in the building.


    Working with your security provider, you can ask about every type of security available to make sure you have essential plans and systems in place. You might be surprised by the available automation, new technologies, and the advantages of working with a local provider with the highest expertise and level of service. Even your local security company can contract 24/7 monitoring out to larger networks, providing your business with the manpower to make sure your employees, property and investments are safe.


    Talk to your local provider to learn more about:


    • Business Security Articles
    • Consultation for systems on handling false alarms
    • Security manuals for businesses
    • Insider-damage protection tips


    Different types of commercial security installations


    Commercial security alarms and automation are broken down primarily into burglar alarms and monitoring systems. Burglar alarms are typically perimeter-protection devices—but for companies with safe boxes or other internally-held valuables, other burglar alarms are set up inside. Monitoring systems, on the other hand, might be installed inside or out—supervising everything from parking lots and adjacent buildings to employees and visitors to your site.


    You can also talk to your provider about:


    • Window contacts and glass break detectors
    • Duress and medical assist buttons
    • Asset tracking devices
    • Additional systems like door alarms and closed-circuit TVs


    It’s natural for a business to invest more in their security than private home owners, because there are greater investments to protect—not to mention, in the case of fire and other emergencies, with the number of employees in your care it’s essential to have your facility evaluated and set-up with basic security.


    That said, any investment in security should be an informed investment with professional insights into your needs. Protect your employees, the goods you store, your reputation and even your insurance premiums with a full assessment and installation of the right commercial security alarms and automation for your business. Reach out today for a free quote!

    Our high-quality surveillance systems keep safety in your control

    Not only can you check your business directly from your smartphone or connected computer, you can also view a gallery of your captured images if something goes awry while you’re away.

    Reinforcing the safety of your business is a crucial step toward keeping you and your loved ones safe, especially when you’re away.