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  • Commercial cameras for your residence OR business in Stockbridge, GA.

    In Stockbridge, GA, the beautiful city hall is one of many sources of local pride. Just 20 miles outside of downtown Atlanta, property surveillance remains an important aspect of locals to Stockbridge—protecting their homes and their businesses, all tied to that very real sense of pride for the condition of our home town.


    At the same time, it’s that tighter, local identity of living in Stockbridge that leaves residents wanting to work with security service providers who know a thing or two about this community.


    With a growing population, and the growing dollar value of items at home attracting easy and profitable theft, you have good reason to be looking for the right commercial surveillance cameras for your home or business in Stockbridge, GA.


    The good news


    The best news for anyone shopping for commercial surveillance cameras is that they’re getting cheaper all the time. The technology is developing fast, and competition along with it. But, there’s another important thing to note here: if you’re looking for surveillance cameras instead of security cameras, you might want to be sure you understand the difference between the two:


    Surveillance cameras simply record the activity in an area, whereas security cameras sound an alarm when specific activity is triggered.


    We’ve had several clients react immediately to this difference, always in favor of security systems. However, particularly for businesses, sometimes surveillance systems are the cheaper and more effective option.


    PRO TIP: even with prices coming down for these systems as a whole, knowing how to identify which system you really need can help you save more. For example, if you’re a business and need any of the following, surveillance systems are probably better for you, and can ultimately be cheaper than a security system:


    • Conditions monitoring (for example, filming an area to ensure that a temperature remains constant, or an enclosed space remains vacant)
    • Internal monitoring (the reality is, employees spend more time on social media than business owners 20 years ago could have imagined—save your company money by ensuring your staff stays accountable to what it is they should be doing)
    • Business data integrity (even if an employee means no harm, transferring data from company hardware to personal devices is something that surveillance systems can pick up, so you can nip it in the bud)


    And at home?


    Surveillance cameras at home, instead of security cameras, can also make sense for homeowners in specific circumstances. For example, if you’re ready to graduate from the scratchy walkie-talkie baby monitor to a surveillance camera, you’ll be able to check more effectively on your baby, and any time without anyone waking!


    Commercial surveillance cameras have their place, even where security systems are the first that come to mind. And Stockbridge, GA has its unique geography and community priorities.


    At Advanced Security and Fire, we’re proud to be experts in both!


    Give us a call today to learn more about the surveillance camera systems that are best for you!