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  • Commercial camera system for the residence OR company in Locust Grove, GA.

    Commercial camera systems have lots of fancy features these days. You see so many numbers, it’s hard to orient yourself and even figure out what even half of them mean.


    Sure, you know that the latest iPhone had X-number of megapixels…and it sounds good that a security camera system has the same number—but what do those numbers really translate to? How sharp will your camera security footage be? Is a smaller number still enough for the quality you need?


    When shopping for the right camera system, you’re going to see the word “commercial” a lot. These systems are expertly designed, engineered and constructed. They’re all, technically, commercial camera systems. This does not, however, mean that they’re exclusively for commercial spaces.


    It’s simple—if you shop with the right advice (or phone number to call) in your pocket, there will be the perfect commercial camera system for the residence or company in Locust Grove, GA.


    Living in Locust Grove, how do I choose the right camera system?


    If you’re a resident of Locust Grove, it makes sense that your search would hinge on factors that are specific to our area. Not only do you want the local company who’s nearby to be the one to come for consultation, installation, and maintenance; you also want the local company who knows a thing or two about Locust Grove.


    Let’s put this even simpler: start by asking yourself, “What ONE feature of a product can make it the superior option for someone located in Locust Grove?” Local knowledge of Locust Grove, of course! This means that you should start by working with Advanced Security and Fire, who has precisely this local expertise.


    Finding the right camera system hardware


    OK, so, other than the Locust Grove aspect, what other factors come into play when shopping for the right commercial camera system?


    Let’s come back to those fancy features that so many commercial camera systems have today. With consultation from ASAF, we can help you identify what to choose from:


    • Wireless or wired cameras (aka IP or analog)
    • Cellular communication technologies
    • Resolution options
    • Software quality and how cameras talk to your control panel
    • The number of cameras that can be on a given network
    • Whether you want the cameras to be visible or not


    You’ll probably have additional questions, too, which is where the locally-based advantage comes out even more to your benefit. If you want someone to really get to know your property, and give you a personalized consultation that makes the difference, you need to work with the company who physically comes out themselves instead of sending a contractor.


    …You need the professional whose performance has been proven for more than a decade in Locust Grove and surrounding areas.


    …You need the local expertise to find the camera systems that make sense for your home or business, in your community.


    In other words, you need to call ASAF. We’d love to talk today!