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  • Commercial alarm systems for your house OR business in McDonough, GA.



    If we’re always looking for “commercial” alarm systems for the home or business, what exactly is a “non-commercial” alarm system? Theoretically, this would just be an alarm system you install yourself—which, surprise surprise, is a rare beast at best. But…why? Why do we turn to the professionals every time when we need to shop for alarm systems?


    With potential losses (and related costs) of security equipment not working, or of planning a system without professional knowledge of a property’s vantage points, or of struggling with the hardware and software installation…ultimately, whatever a DIY security system could save at the onset can cost property owners thousands later.


    That’s why your search for an alarm system starts by looking for the best commercial alarm systems for you house or business in McDonough, GA.


    The Advanced Security and Fire difference


    Our ultimate goal is to make you feel safer. But no matter the security system, risks still exist. With local crime rates, alarm systems are seen first as a deterrent—even making your house less attractive to break-ins gives many home and business owners a needed sense of security.


    Commercial alarm systems aren’t just for the wealthiest among us. In 2015, more than twice as many burglaries occurred during the day than at night, with 30% occurring while someone was at home. Everyone has a right to protection. Also in 2015, as crime rates have climbed the costs of alarm systems have come down. The perpetrators continue trying to work around systems, but the technologies have become so much more affordable that security companies are able to provide the systems to stay a step ahead.


    Advanced Fire and Security has 10 years of a proven track record in McDonough and the surrounding area. We stay on top of the technologies so that you don’t have to. So many of the updates and automations available to you are being rolled out in the software of newer systems, and we take pride in finding the most dynamic system for your needs.


    Think you’ll need more cameras installed later? We have a solution. Think you’ll want to integrate a break-in alarm to your fire alarm, but only when it’s time to update the latter? We can do that, too.


    We provide the necessary consultation to get the most out of your alarm systems, especially bearing in mind any trends in crime in the area. This is our home, too, and we have every motivation to raise the bar for security standards.


    How do I choose the right commercial alarm system?


    It’s not just the cost of equipment, or even the cost of automations to emergency responders or the ongoing cost of monitoring. The total cost of ownership (TCO) includes the cost of maintenance and installation of your alarm systems, and at the end of the day is the number you need to compare options.


    Looking at the TCO of any system, Advanced Security and Fire takes pride in maintaining lower costs by not having to piecemeal the consultation, installation, and maintenance. We keep your systems in high function with in-house costs and expert integration. Give us a call to learn how we can apply this proven system to your home or business!