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    COPS monitoring is the largest wholesale alarm provider today in the United States. While local security providers know their local areas, businesses, and trends in architecture—and are on-site to handle hardware, testing and installations—COPS was launched as a national monitoring service 40 years ago to provide the 24/7 monitoring that local security companies didn’t have the man-power to staff.


    The name COPS was inspired by the original name Central Office Processing Services, launched in 1978 with the specific purpose of helping build independent alarm dealers up—all the while providing the end client with the robust security options that were rapidly developing at the time.


    Why does COPS monitoring run through your local provider?


    COPS monitoring was built as a warehouse of monitoring services that few local providers were able to staff independently. This created an immediate market for local providers to install new monitoring technologies in their corporate and private clients’ properties.


    Your local provider still gives you the consultation, installation and support that you need. The capacity to offer security systems like CCTV was added by partnering with COPS monitoring. McDonough, Georgia is a great example of where a local provider like Advanced Security and Fire is able to give you the expertise and experience you need to get a full consultation on the architecture, trends in crime and security technologies you need, while COPS monitoring offers the background technical support to make more security systems possible for you.


    How COPS monitoring means fundamentally better security


    Not only is your local provider able to provide the full spread of today’s security systems, but COPS monitoring also means better response times if an alarm goes off or if something is triggered. This is crucial in cases of theft or medical emergency. COPS has the capacity to receive these alerts across multiple systems and send them to emergency responders as well as to the owners and their local security provider.


    Another benefit of COPS monitoring is that their national network has multiple locations. As sharp as new technologies are, if a single office were ever knocked out for any reason, you won’t be left with disabled security systems. There is always a COPS office online, and your home or business is always protected.


    COPS monitoring allows your independent security provider to augment their services with even more tools, and to add value to their services to you. COPS helps us as providers, and helps you keep your home and business safe.


    If you want the tenure and experience of your local security provider plus the nationally-recognized COPS monitoring network at your beck and call, get in touch with us today!

    Keeping A Watchful Eye 24/7/365

    It is important to have your alarm system monitored by a company that has redundant locations so that if a center is knocked off line due to a natural disaster or storm you are still protected.