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  • Business camera security systems for your residence OR business in Stockbridge, GA.

    Before you click on any other page, yes, you read right—business camera security systems for your residence OR business in Stockbridge, GA. Two things have made these commercial systems more affordable, even for homeowners with a greater security need and for the small businesses that fall somewhere in between:

    More competition in the market
    COPS monitoring

    Greater competition in the market

    More competition in the market over the last 15 years has been the boon for proprietors looking for more reasonable prices, and has also had lasting effects on the quality of security systems available. With developments in technology, systems are cheaper to develop, and even cheaper to produce. This has increased competition, and pressured engineering and developing firms to offer better products at a lower price.

    COPS Monitoring

    Security companies like Advanced Security and Fire have been able to capitalize on our local knowledge, providing better service and more robust security options to locals, based on our community and the trends seen in everything from southern property architecture to theft.

    At the same time, 24/7 monitoring of your camera systems is now considered a must, and has been made readily available to meet today’s demand. Advanced Security and Fire has leveraged our relationship with the national COPS Monitoring system to ensure that you have someone watching your property every second of the day, while the service and expertise you receive in installation and maintenance is still local.

    So, how do you choose the right camera security system in Stockbridge?

    There are many considerations to take into account when shopping for camera systems, all of which you’ll want to talk to us about at Advanced Security and Fire during your full property inspection and consultation.

    First, wired or wireless? Traditional wired analog cameras remain popular today, particularly for the greater image fidelity and heightened security when Wifi systems would be compromised. But cheaper and more versatile wireless cameras have their advantages, too.
    Next, indoor or outdoor camera systems? Or both? Depending your home or business needs, these systems can be installed using the same technology, or two disparate systems that are programmed together to the same control panel, giving you endless options to monitor every space where there’s a need.
    Camera specifics like field of view and resolution are Greek to most proprietors, but it shouldn’t be up to you to navigate the market options. Advanced Security and Fire starts with an in-depth consultation so that you can understand all the numbers and stats on every model.

    To make sure you’re safe, and your whole property (including even digital and intellectual property) are protected, start by calling us today to discuss your needs and concerns.

    Do you already have a security system in place? No problem. In many cases, these systems can be built off of with a full consultation and upgrade.

    Before your consultation, ask yourself which of these you could benefit from on your home or business property:

    Break-in security
    Conditions monitoring
    Internal theft protections
    Worker accountability systems

    The biggest component in any consultation is, what makes sense for my property in Stockbridge? This is our community, too, and at Advanced Security and Fire, we’re committed to raising the bar of security expectations and giving proprietors access to the systems and expertise that make a lasting difference.

    It just starts with a phone call! Contact us today.