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  • Best surveillance camera system for business for your house OR business in McDonough, GA.

    One of the very first things you come up against when looking into camera systems for
    your business or home is the idea of “surveillance” versus “security” cameras. The
    terms are often used interchangeably, and can even be built to serve as both—adding
    more to the fact that most people can’t articulate how they’re different.
    Whether most folks can spell the difference out or not, there’s a major distinction to
    make. This is an important difference to draw out, because it also helps inform you on
    what you really need—and what you might have accidentally ended up buying.
    Security cameras: These cameras are used to identify specific threats, AND to sound
    an alarm (e.g., motion-sensing cameras that send an alert to the monitoring company if
    activity is observed off-hours).
    Surveillance cameras: Cameras that are simply there to record, and make all activity
    reviewable at a later date (and even remotely) are considered surveillance cameras.
    They don’t characteristically sound an alarm—they just keep an eye on the property, in
    the place or places you need to watch.
    OK…when would surveillance-only be the way to go?
    Your first reaction might be along the lines of, “Why wouldn’t I want the alarm sounded
    in the case something was up?” And, generally, surveillance cameras today do have
    the capacity to be programmed with alarm signaling as well. But there are other
    situations where you need to monitor, but no alarm is necessary—particularly with less
    urgent alerts these days passed to the phone of the owner for one-push replies.
    Some of these surveillance-only needs include:

    • Conditions monitoring
    • Watching for internal theft
    • Worker accountability

    Whether you’re making sure the door to your commercial cooler stays closed, or
    watching somewhat discretely for internal theft or for employees who are spending the
    day on social media, there are multiple cases where business owners—even
    homeowners—will choose surveillance-only monitoring.
    So, what’s the best surveillance camera system for business, for your house or
    business in McDonough, GA?
    To identify the best surveillance system, especially with how quick to grow the market
    has been in McDonough, it’s a simple as asking us about our FREE consultation.
    In the meantime, you can come prepared to that consult after jotting a few answers into
    this quick worksheet. Just answer the questions the best you can given the knowledge
    you have right now, and we’ll help you fill in the rest.

    1. Do you want surveillance camera systems WITH security camera capacity? Or
      just surveillance?
    2. Do you want more than one network of cameras? E.g., one network can be
      surveillance only, and the other can be security and surveillance.
      PRO TIP: This is a great way to use analog surveillance cameras where you
      can. Most of these systems have a limit of how many cameras can be on the
      same network, but they’re cheaper and usually more dependable for
      surveillance footage. Your surveillance-only network can be analog, and your
      security-and- surveillance system can be an IP camera system.
    3. Do you want a professional consultant, contractor and company representative that knows McDonough?

    Come with these three questions preliminarily answered, and we’ll point you in the best
    direction for you so that you can enjoy the BEST surveillance camera system on your
    property right away!