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  • Alarm systems for the home OR company in Metro Atlanta, GA.

    Advanced Security and Fire Is A Regionally Managed Commercial And Home Alarm Company Monitoring Metro Atlanta, GA.

    Advanced Security and Fire provides our clients with the very best of advanced alarm technology available. Advanced Security and Fire’s alarm systems for business secure your personal assets, decrease loss, and protect any businesses’ bottom line 24/7/365. Our alarm company has been awarded one of the very best providers of top-level security protection. Top quality alarm systems for business & excellent customer service. Advanced Security and Fire’s customers can sleep knowing that our top priority is their safety.

    Advanced Security and Fire has been installing alarm systems for business in all of Metro Atlanta, GA region since 2008, always adjusting for technology advancements in security. Advanced Security and Fire’s elite alarm systems for business offer access and control over who has access permissions to your property. Utilizing digital surveillance cameras, owners can now check-in on daily happenings at the work sites, even from thousands of miles away!

    Why Advanced Security and Fire?
    Integrating a alarm systems for business and fire detection system will protect your company from terrible loss. Due to your businesses being closed for business hours, industrial locations tend to be easy targets for people to steal from while owners are away.

    • – While many alarm companies offer security services, Advanced Security and Fire offers:
    • – Alarm Systems For Business With 24/7/366 Monitoring
    • – Fire Detection Alarm Systems
    • – Video Surveillance Systems with Web Connectivity and Automated Monitoring Capabilities
    • – Advanced Access Control Systems Remote Monitoring Capabilities
    • – Glass-break Sensors & Alarms
    • – Carbon Monoxide, Smoke & Water Detection

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