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  • Greatest no contract alarm monitoring in McDonough, GA.

    Here’s the deal: a lot of companies use contract length to hide costs, and sometimes
    even to take advantage of customers. But this shouldn’t be fair game just because
    we’re in a competitive market.
    Companies with enough name recognition capital have made the habit of asking for 3+
    year contracts in alarm monitoring. Not only would some business or homeowners
    prefer to have no contract at all for the service, but this length of contract is unlike what
    most of us are used to in other products we buy.
    So, what’s the deal? How to these companies benefit enough from these contracts,
    that ultimately they ask for such an unreasonably long frame of time to lock us in?
     Often, excessively long contracts are a tool that larger companies use to mask
    the true cost of ownership of their equipment and monitor services. By building
    in a hefty fee for breaking the contract, these companies can provide an
    artificially low monthly cost whether or not their service quality backs them up.
    As we all know, without the highest quality of service, alarm contracts will get
    cancelled. Consumers will be unhappy. But what happens if they signed into a
    3-year contract—or longer? They’ll get hit with the contract-breaking fee just to
    search for better client service elsewhere.
     Every alarm monitoring company will have its own deal on how equipment costs
    are built into the picture. Sometimes consumers buy the equipment outright,
    and sometimes it’s leased. Long contracts are also abused as a tool by
    companies who want to mask the purchase cost of the equipment installed, by
    breaking it up and adding it onto the monthly payments of the 3+ year contract.
    So, what happens if you leave the contract early? Be sure to read the fine print,
    because you might be hit with the remaining cost of the equipment purchased.
    Neither of these techniques are the way to demonstrate quality service and keep
    customers happy. We’re based in McDonough, and we’re fully invested in the safety of
    this community. We aim to raise the bar of security standards, which is why we don’t
    play games. We can look our neighbors in the face and know we provide the best
    service without abusive contracts to trap people in.
    What do the best of the best do?
    The best security and alarm monitoring companies know that they offer the right
    product with the finest service. That’s why you can call us to learn about the greatest,
    no contract alarm monitoring in McDonough, GA.
    The option of no contract is appealing to everyone, but even a shorter contract gives
    you the ease of automation in renewal windows that still demonstrate a company’s
    confidence in the service offered.
    Remember: TCO
    Know your “total cost of ownership” (TCO) to avoid being taken advantage of in any
    contract. This means knowing whether you’re leasing or purchasing equipment, and—if

    you are in a contract—knowing what cost you’ll be up against if you break the contract
    Talk to us today to learn about your contract (and no-contract) options, and to get the
    greatest, full-transparency deal on the best alarm monitoring in McDonough, Georgia!